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Drowsiness, never feeling awake/alert

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Can you guys relate to this? before i got this i had energy like i was on cocaine, i literally flew out of the bed in the mornings and was pretty much always alert (except for a period were i suffered from insomnia). But since this started it have never felt fully awake, it feels like i'm walking around drowsy in a mist and my head feels heavy. Besides the visual snow this is actually one of my worst symptoms and i wonder if anyone can relate to this here? If so, how long did it take for it to clear up? Because i'm really having a hard time seeing that i would be able to live with this for the rest of my life on top of the visual disturbances. They would have been so much easier to deal with if i only felt clear in my head again.

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Yes— imo this is inflammation. When I’ve had BAD hppd it’s felt like narcolepsy even. When the brain is under stress like this, endogenous cannabinoid activity also increases. Can add to that spacey sleepy feeling.  

low dose naltrexone, ibudilast, prednisone short term TAPER. Anything that reduces the following generally should help. Avoid herbs with complex mechanisms of action. You want very direct effects. 

interluekin-1b; il-b

interleukin-6 , il-6

tnf-alpha; tnf-a

ibudilast is your best bet IMO at getting a clear head real fast. Very safe profile. One other user and myself can attest but we’re the only ones to use it I think. 

first few days on it expect: super irritable, bored. That’s my experience at least. 

you can buy ibudilast online. I got mine from science.bio but tbh I didn’t get them at all. It seems to work haha.

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