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Taking SSRI Citalopram for recovery and anxiety are SSRI dangerous for recovery? Please need a fast reaction

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@Jacob LesleyI did recover the first time but with some residual visuals and then I tripped about 3 years ago which really brought them back.  Mine have faded before but never fully left me.  I consider myself to have fully recovered both times despite the lingering visuals since my personality, intellect and sociable intelligence came back fully.  Like I said, my drug use was very extensive and not short.  I think you have a good shot at 100% recovery given your short history, just hang in there buddy. 

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I hope you're still alive mate. Citilaprom is perfectly fine. I went through 9 months of severe anxiety and wanting to die before I finally caved and tried citalopram. People say SSRIs make them worse but I don't believe that. They make your anxiety worse in the first few weeks then your body gets used to them and then you're good. I would say for the first 2 weeks of SSRIs I got worse anxiety wise but I persisted with them and after a few weeks my anxiety level decreased a lot. I noticed over time I had less and less bad days but on the whole now I am back to my old self. That was 6 years ago and for most of that time I've been fine, but before I was on SSRIs I was BAD. Alcohol is fine but dont do any other drugs. My set backs have been when I've smoked weed on the odd time and done coke the odd time. I daren't even touch any psychadelic. Stick to booze and you'll be alright. 

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Treat your anxiety is the best way to treat your HPPD. I have spent the last 5 or 6 years pretty much fine on top of things with my anxiety. When I go through a stressful situation or my anxiety flares up, I then notice visual disturbances more. I think a lot of what people suffer from is anxiety and being hyper aware of natural visual pphenomna as opposed to HPPD. Not that I'm doubting the existence of hppd - I just think some people who think they suffer from hppd actually just suffer from anxiety. I was one of them. When I'm not anxious at all, I can go days without noticing any visual disturbance. But when you are anxious and obsess over them you notice them more.

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