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So, I’m almost a month into some mild HPPD(vs, trails, dpdr), and although it has been extremely distressing, I can’t help but see some benefits as a creative person interested in the human experience.

I’d say my creative abilities have increased pretty noticeably since my onset; I think the dpdr allows for far greater visualization and contemplation that really helps to take an objective perspective on life. I have always been into many different creative areas like fashion, art, architecture, furniture, photography, and even some tech design, so those things have also served as very effective coping mechanisms. The main cost of this has been some pretty severe brain fog and cognitive dysfunction that have really impacted a lot of the larger projects I have going on(really hope this goes away soon), but I do see this new perspective as a sort of creative aide. I also feel much more appreciative and attentive to my visual surroundings since my vs is only noticeable with solid colors and artificial light.

I’m wondering if there are any other artists or creatives on here who have felt similarly about this. (Also, if anyone on here is looking for some more methods to cope, I highly suggest some sort of creative expression - the relief and satisfaction are immense!)

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I'm not sure I have directly experienced a positive impact on creativity but I'm definitely a different thinker which can be helpful in what I do.  It also comes with the being a little strange as well.  I hope things keep working out for you!  It's all about how you interpret life, I have found having a positive attitude makes for a more pleasant experience.  


Take Care  

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