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Greetings everybody...


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Hey everyone, this is my 1st time visiting this site so I decided to introduce myself in hopes of finding anyone and everyone willing to talk with me about all things HPPD. I've been living with HPPD for over 15 years now with absolutely no access to any medical professionals who have even the slight understanding or actual knowledge of what I am going through, and worst of all they don't even know any truthful knowledge of hallucinogenic substances what so ever... Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to find others to listen to, to talk with, and most of all to exchange new and helpful information with each other to live life more positively...

     - Sincerely, Garris 

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8 hours ago, cosmiccharlie said:

Nice to meet you Garris, my name is Nick.  Welcome to the forum and thank you for replying to my earlier post, I appreciate your input.  You will find many experienced, honest and kind people on this forum and we look forward to getting to know you.  

Take Care!

Great to meet you as well brother, and thank you for reading my greeting post and my reply to your post, and for replying... I'm very excited about this whole forum and site, after just recently recovering from being in severe pain and being very ill I am finding my mind working better then it has in some time now so I decided to disseminate as much information to as many people that will listen now so that I get some of it out of my head just in case my mind clutters and fogs up again... It's also awesome to see that David S. Kozin is the creator, thank you so much David, I hope you're doing well. Quite a few years ago I met him on his FB page for HPPD and I was going to help with surveys and such then life happened on my end and I lost contact somehow. Then unfortunately life kept happening around every turn until an untimely raid on my home by the local metro task force, followed by a year and a day in prison then a year of probation... Fittingly my charges were for hallucinogens, lol, so anyhow I've been out and done with probation since summer of 2020... Now I find myself randomly researching on the internet and found multiple sites for HPPD that were new to me and this was the best one by far.....

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