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Smth I wrote during hard times.

Bigg. Pappa

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Here guys. I wrote this in the hard time of my life. HPPD, school problems , personal ones. My style changed since then, but It means a whole lot to me and it gave me strength to go on. And I hope it will help you too.



I am alone,

But was I ever not so?

I am losing battles,

But did I ever really win?

Fate's a cruel thing without a doubt,

Or was it me who made life taste like spoiled milk?


You can make me doubt myself

But what you can't, is break me.

And no one can,

And no one will,

But please, I beg you, don't forget me.


Do not forget to keep on trying.

Please do make me want to cry ,when no one can hear,

Do make me want to drown the bitter nights in sips of wine,

Do make me dream at night to fall asleep and never then wake up to see the sun.

And don't forget to try the hardest, to make me want to finally give up,

'Cause thats the only thing I won't do.


Do make my knuckles bleed

Do make me hate

Do make me cold and distant, searching for the warmth in the synthetic dreams

You've done all that before, but what i haven't mentioned

Is that you'll never make me to regret it all.


Unlike a phenix, I won't reborn anew but stronger,

The scars from you will stay for life,

But no matter how scared my wings are

I’ll only look up higher to the sky.

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