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Have you ever been bitten by a tick? And other questions for a survey.


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This is are some questions for a survey.


I want to know how many of you have a history of illness?


Did your parents have a story of illness?

Specially of lyme disease, or aids or hiv or inmuno-supression, infections of any kind, that kind of stuff.


What diagnosis have you ever had throught your medical history.


Also I want to know how many of you have ever gotten bitten by a tick?

Even if it was many many years ago. At whatever point in your life.

Ever bitten by any other bug?


How long ago have you been bitten?


Are there plenty of mosquitoes in the area you live?

Do they bite you quite often?


Also, have you been in contact with cat feces?

Have you ever been scratched by a cat, or dog , or any other animal?


Have you ever tested positive for any kind of pathogen? Be a virus, bacteria, parasite or some other.


Have you any autoinmune disease? Lupus? Multiple sclerosis? Parkinsonism? Gut issues? Alergies? Skin isses? Anything you might have feel free to share it, it will be helpful.


How many of you got a rash like in the image at some point in your life?

It is a rash that starts like a tiny red dot and with every day passed it gets bigger and bigger. ( If you are wondering, is a lyme disease rash, also known as erythema migrans, it shows after borrelia bacteria infection )

It goes away on itself after some time.

Might eventually be missdiagnosed as fungal skin infection.


Have you ever had hppd like manifestations before having hppd?


Did your hppd start right before the last psychdelic use, or it was weeks after the cesation of use?





All this questions will be completelly anonymous.


If you are not willing to share them here publicly, you can hit me answering them on direct message.


This is for gathering anectodal data, this is nothing oficial, just out of curiosity and of individual research.


Take care.



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