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Not sure if anyone is still monitoring ths but i feel like i am at the edge f the void right now..my formerly mild hppd was made ultra severe through antihsitamines and lamotragine ?gabapentin..my snow is ultra severe tgether with head pressure and tactile biting which makes life unearabale


Lamotragigne, antihistamines,gabapentin made it worse

Levedopa  celexa no change 

Xanax and kpin help a it but not long term viable soln

Sulpride i tried for a week  no change

Im now looking at maybe sertaline an antipshc or low dose naltrexone   


I cant survve with current level...my last option was maybe to go live on a beach somehwere eat fruit and veg and see if the brain resets itself

im pretty desperate  if anyone can provide some advice it would be really helpful..sometimes wish i would just die but i keep on fighting..i wish i hadnt messed with meds but hdsight is wonderful


Thanks !!


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Hi Jat, 

I'm sorry to hear how much you're struggling right now.  For me what helped recovery was staying busy, healthy and meditation.  By healthy I mean:

-stop drugs and alcohol


-eating well

-plenty of sleep

-staying positive

There is measurable evidence that our attitude affects our health both mental and physical.  

Another thing is somehow coming to terms and accepting the condition as it is today and knowing that no matter what, all things are impermanent and so your condition will one day be different.  It's hard swallow but what else is there to do?  Acceptance for me brought some level of peace and removed some of the guilt.  Life is difficult enough as it is and cruel critique of ourselves usually doesn't prove to be constructive.  Hang in there buddy and stay positive, reach out if you want to talk. 

Take Care,


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In 2 days I have a meeting with my psychiatrist. We were talking about lamotrogine and setraline. 

Will not do that now. Maybe only setraline. 

Here is a article about case reports in medical treatments https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3736944/ (Table 2, scroll down) 

I am looking for only sertraline but willing to add risperidone.  

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