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3 year long struggle with HPPD

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Hey, guys. I actually posted my story some years ago. Here's the link:


My story is actually pretty sad. Just to tell you briefly:

1. My HPPD was caused by cannabis use nearly three years ago.

2. Since then I've tried a big number of medicines (including depakote, benzos, truxal, quetiapine, pregabalin, gabapentin, phenibut) trying to cope with my symptoms. And even though, most of the meds did help to mitigate some of the symptoms at some certain times to some extent, in general, the things didn't get any better. 

3. Got drunk many, many times (which, I know, was stupid) and ended up having horrible alcohol withdrawals, which also made my symptoms even worse. (don't repeat my mistake!)

4. Now here's probably the weirdest and most bothering thing. See, whenever you smoke weed, you normally experience how both time and space slow down. At least, that's what I used to experience being high on weed. And since my HPPD started, I was feeling those perception distortions for nearly a year. What happened next, however, was, my perception of time and space turned to OPPOSITE. Which means, time began to go fast and everything around me began to be so tense and "tight", if that makes any sense.. I just guess that it's kinda compensatory effect (since I actually felt that time and space were pretty much slowed down for nearly a year). And, of course, my anxiety and inner tension have grown wild due to that. I just wonder, if any of you guys have expereineced anything like that? What helped? Do you think there is still a chance for recovery?

Appreciate all of your suggestions and comments. Stay strong! 

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