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Is it possible to have hppd ONLY limited to certain things?

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Hey, I am Jonas, I am 25 and I started smoking weed at the age of 15 (daily from 16-18) started doing ampethamine at the age of 16 (nearly every weekend from 18-20), ecstasy at the age of 18 (ca 140 pils til now). Experienced 2 times of psychotic episodes (people talking about me) (but only if I am awake more than 2 days - didnt experienced it after the second time on a techno festival with 3 days without sleep because I realized how essential sleep is for me - one night without while partying is without bad effects for me. Since a few (4-5) years, I only smoke weed on occasions (1-2 times a month), do amphetamines (1-2 times) a month and cocaine (1-2 times, sometimes months without). I drink alcohol on the weekends, sometimes during the week (but only one to two beers).

 2 years ago I accidently snacked a piece of magic chocalate of one of my flatmates that lied on the table in our kitchen. First time psychedelics - very inspiring and pleasent trip with medium visual effects - overall very pleasent experience. 6 weeks ago second time again eating shroom-chocolate, with „breahting“ walls - very low dose and experienced nothing „bad“ or exhausting in total. Last saturday third time, again with chocolate. We were outside in winter wonderland with two of my best friends. Very small visuals unless the back of the record collection - intesified colours and flashing of colours - really intense and fascinating, must have looked at this a few hours. Again, nothing too intense for me, wasnt anxious or something like that at any time. Sunday evening I looked at the back of the covers of my own record collection - knowing that there cant be any effects, but after a short time the same effects appeared like on the trip... the record covers do have additional pcv sleeves that can reflect a bit of the light in addition with the colours of the cover, just like the ones of my best friend. Checked it every day since then - no change, effects still appear.  But NO other effects (lights of street signs or cars in the dark- everything totally normal). I dont have any kind depersonalization or derealisation or any other of the hppd symptoms... only intensified colours and flashing of colours and ONLY appearing on the front of my record collection (and the one of my friend). Since minimum 10 years I (maybe even as a child, but not quite sure) experience a very low key version of visual snow (little sinking balls - as a child I thought it were atoms 🙈) with a constant shimmering on a regulary basis (the shimmering may have increased since the trip, but not in a very noticable way. It also may be the case that my eyes have gone bad again and that I need new glasses. I Stopped drinking coffee since then and will stay sober (at least the next months).

So my question: have you ever heard of a hppd that is limited to special objects? The most cases of hppd I heard about were somehow „bad-trip“-related. Is it also possible to get this from slight, pleasent trips?

best, Jonas

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In the world of hppd, I think almost anything is possible symptoms wise hahah. I mean, if someone had just a few visual symptoms, would they even find there way here like you? Usually people come here because they are freaking the fuck out. I know I didn’t come here when my symptoms were primarily just visual weird things. I hadn’t even heard of hppd until about two years into really having it bad. 

what you see and how you notice things is a very interesting science. I didn’t realize I wasn’t seeing colors saturated properly until I took NSI-189. But I didn’t know... until I knew. Could you have knocked something into place? Out of place? Is it hppd? Who knows. You took a psychedelic and are experiencing persistent visual changes. That’s a symptom of hppd. It doesn’t mean you do or do not have it. But when you’re playing with fire it’s a good idea to have an extinguisher hehe. I think just taking a break from drugs for a hot second would be good. And just stay away from psychedelics. They’re just too bizarre on the brain haha

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