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I got hppd 3 months ago but the last 6 weeks I have one week where its not too bad then the next week will be unbearable and it seems to keep alternating like that does anyone know anything about this? 

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If you give yourself more time to heal I think there's a good chance symptoms will become more stable.  Not to say they don't vary but the frequency (at least for me) of intensification has gone down over time.  I can still flare up from anxiety and lack of sleep but meditation has helped with that.  I wouldn't read too much into your day to day progress this early, just go with it and know as long as you stay of drugs the symptoms will likely recede.  Good luck!

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No problem, this disorder can be debilitating but a lot of the struggle is due to manufactured stress by ourselves (we can be our own worst enemies by worrying all the time!).  What worked for me was staying busy and healthy and keeping my mind occupied.  By healthy I mean

-stop all drugs 

-get as much sleep as you can


-eat well

-And stay positive!

Life is beautiful and it will get better if you cut drugs out.  Also, it's nice to know that lots of people make a full recovery if given enough time.  The next few months will probably be rough but reach out to us for support, that's what we're here for.  And before you know it you'll be on the other side and the disorder will lose its power over you.  

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