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Video games and screen usage.

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I personally dont have any visual symptoms anymore, so I cant really comment on that part, but I suppose if you are playing game that increases adrenaline, it could definitely cause symptoms to get worse, i do remember too sometimes in movie theaters my anxiety would get worse. Most of my HPPD only manifests as anxiety anymore, but I had all the typical symptoms, and my anxiety was so bad it was insane, like suicide influencing insane, not like normal anxiety, cause Ive experienced that before.

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I don't play video games, but I watch my share of movies.  I honestly don't notice visuals when I'm watching the screen.  As I've said before, when I'm focused, my visuals aren't apparent.  I guess watching movies keeps me focused enough to shut them down.  

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When I first developed HPPD, I had a really difficult time watching movies, it made DP/DR much worse for me. Fast-paced video games were the same. I ended up being able to play slower-paced video games, but only if I took periodic breaks.

Some months back I had a temporary reassurance of symptoms, and the same thing happened. I also feel that if you have a high refresh-rate monitor, it can make matters worse. I own one and would frequently change from the high refresh rate down to 60-85hz to prevent over-excitation based on looking at the screen.

Now, during benzo withdrawal, I'm having those same symptoms again.

I guess this goes to show how different it can be between people with the same disorder.

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