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I had a very positive reaction mentally. For some it really can “cure”. Remember to take b6 at least if you take it. It can lower those levels for some reason and that creates some of the side effects. Probably couldn’t hurt to throw in some other b vitamins if/when you take it and see how you feel.

Physically I had a very bad reaction.  But my reaction was exceedingly rare and I’ve never encountered anyone with a similar experience so honestly no point in getting into it. I should have known better than to try it, as I’ve had bad reactions to this class of drug before. Most consider Keppra to be very very safe. 


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Ok just making sure I'm not missing anything - that was my perception as well - which is that it seems to be very safe.  Based on reading through forums.  15 years now and haven't really tried any psyche meds, so I figure it's worth a shot.  I appreciate your insight, looking forward to seeing what kind of effect it has on me.

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