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when i look around everything seems new as if it wasnt there before

Well guys I've been having pretty moderate DR lately. This quote ^ pretty much describes how I see everything. It just feels like nothing's real. It feels like I'm in a strange dream that I'm never gonna wake up from. It feels like none of my actions will have any consequences (even though I know they will so I don't do stupid stuff). Anyways, it's really really hard to describe what I feel like and none of these words do any justice except the aforementioned quote. I'm pretty sure this is DR though.

What frightens me the most is DP. I've never really heard of anyone here having just DR and no DP, so I'm pretty scared that DP is gonna hit me soon. As I've stated before on this forum, I can't really see myself getting DP just because I'm such an outgoing person. However, in the first week that i got HPPD I had a DP/anxiety attack that lasted maybe 1 or 2 hours. I know it was DP because when I looked down at my arms they seemed strange and foreign. My HPPD was pretty bad back then. Since then I haven't really experienced DP but I'm just getting this really weird feeling that I suspect to be DR.

What can I do stop this strange feeling? What can I do to prevent DP? I know DR/DP is just the body's natural way to respond to HPPD but knowing that doesn't really make it feel better.

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You've gotta stop worrying about it. In the beginning of all this all I had was HPPD or DR whatever you wanna call it, and I had read about and heard about DP but never had it. Then prolly around four months after the initial HPPD ordeal I got hit with DP and I've had it ever since. It really is a shame. You just gotta quit worrying about it and laying off drugs would definitely be the best thing to do at this point.

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