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Got my HPPD three days ago, scared?

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Hello everyone, I just need to get this off my chest. For the first time ever I was going to smoke weed

by using a bong. (Have only smoken weed, never done any other drugs besides that.) It took me one big puff and then.. my world was torn apart. I survived HELL, I was in 3-5 different demensions, I kept falling from one to another and so on.. (It's like when you fall in a dream and get this kind of a tug when you wake up.) It went on for an eternity.. or it felt like that. The worst day in my entire 18year old life.

When I woke up the next morning I could see that something was wrong, because white walls had many small black dots on them.. It was like "snow".. I couldn't focus on the entirety of the room, only in the objects. But when I focused on them the background was so disturbing.. It made it hard to see.. :c

And everything leaves traces after itselves.. It's like those pictures that you can stare at for like

25-40 seconds and then look at a plain wall or something and you will se the picture there. But now..

it doesn't even take me 1 second to do this.. I see.. traces. :c

My sleep has gotten worse, I wake up many times a night. But before my bad trip on weed I slept like a baby.. <: It was one of the best feelings ever.. to go to bed. But now I am just worried.

Eh.. I have problems reading now, because of the traces. My white paper has like.. black dots on it..

They change possition every little second.. You with HPPD surely know what I mean.

SO, I have been having it this way since 14 april 2012, at 1 am..

What should I do to make it kind of better? (I'm keeping myself from weed and alkohol from now on)

Are there any tips on how to make it better/gone?

How long time have you had yours?

+ I just need people who understands me. :c I am a little worried. But...

I think I can manage to live with it. It just sucks not seeing things the same as before.

It gets you that feeling that you are a bit "distant" from your body. But.. at the same point not.

Because you know that everything is just like it used to be.. It's just... weird and new. :c

Please help.


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Are you certain you smoked weed and not salvia? The experience you had sounds alot like Salvia, to me.

Anyway.... 3 days, although, it probably seems scary... Is not something to worry about, just yet. I would even stop researching HPPD and just rest for a week or two... You might just be coming down from such a strong experience.

There is every chance that you will be fine in a week or so... If it still continues, then please come back... But until then, the more you research... the more visuals problems you will start to see... Because most are actually natural... We just don't look for them (and like a pandoras box... once you see all the crap in your vision, you will notice it more and more).

Stay off drugs and alcohol, eat healthy, rest and relax (take a couple of weeks off work/school).... Then let us know how it goes and, if the symptoms persist, we can take it from there.

All the best, Jay

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So, i´m really new in this forum but that doesnt sounds like normal weed, definately it wasn´t only weed....Here they also put LSD on weed, if you don´t know it ur fucked up....So im smoking bong since 2 years now every day and i never recieved any symptoms like those....If you stare at something it wipes away?....And any changes about you personality?....So are those points flickering or are they just floating around in your visionfield?

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hmm LSD in Weed here in germany are you serius?^^

i think its a myth like lacing weed with pcp i think this happend a few times in the states but never heard of a case here in germany.

if i remember correctly it is not possible to smoke LSD because if it gets to hot it will lose its effect you also shouldnt leave your blotter in the sun because LSD decomposed in warm temperture.

Salvia on the other hand needs really hot tempretures to gets it effekt. we lit our bong allways with a bunsen burner when we used to smoke this fucking herb^^

But as i posted here:


weed can do strange things on its own.

because there is too much THC in it today and not enough cannabidiol(CBD)

i had an expierence while smoking a joint on a carousel (these round discs you can find on a playground) i still felt the spinning one hour after leaving it. very strange^^

But mostly cannabis induced visuals are timelimeted (not always but mostly), so stay away of every drug and you possibly will be fine in a few weeks to month

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Yeah they put it in here in germany, a friend of me said he just got stucked because he had weed punched with LSD....Maybe he´s talking shit and just dropped a ticket, but it´s not the first time i hear something about Weed + LSD...They´re punching everything, even Crox reached us here in Germany...It´s in ecstasy-pills called "Black Diamond", they made an analysis and that showed it contained Desomorphine...You must watch the "Gesprenkelten"..they´re always bad :(

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I think it was Salvia.... firstly, it was instant.. Even the strongest weed in the world would take a little time to reach the peak, bong or not.

Then, the talk of dimensions.... LSD doesn't really put you in different dimensions and certainly no weed I have tried, there is always some link to the real world, no matter how crazy it gets. Salvia can totally disconnect you from reality....

Then, the description of being tugged (pulled around) sounds alot like Salvia, it is a very pyscical feeling.

Passion, did it smell/taste like the other weed you had smoked? Where did you get it from, someone you trust and knows what they are doing?

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Hello everyone, answer to your questions:

The points are flickering.. It' all kind of static.

I don't remember the taste or smell so much. The smell was kind of stronger. I remember I lit the bond for a very long time and forgot to shut it off. I took one puff. And then I couldn't breath, I started crying without any control of it. I heard myself screaming but couldn't stop.

That's the things I remember ;c Not much for help.

And yes, it was with the people I trust. We smoked the same stuff in the same bong.

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yeah also crokodile reached germany. they are punching heroin with it. really not funny.

but the weed LSD thing is a myth you cant smoke it iam sure.

Jay i believe if you are not prepared to take LSD it could kick you out of reality.

And yeah sounds liike salvia(but i had never such a bad feeling on it and i smoked alot of extract 6 years ago even under the influence of LSD really wired trips)

but it also could be Spice or another legal herb

these fucking herbs can kick you out of everything....

but you can read up here:


that there were also cases of cannabis induced persisting perception disorders

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I've always backed up the view that cannabis can bring hppd.... It is so strong, in Europe at least, that I fully beleive it can make someone trip and give the same symptoms as lsd or mdma use (although, i believe it goes away much quicker, from hearing stories on here).

But, the experience Passion had just does not sound like cannabis, to me. It doesn't even sound like a hallucinogen, but a dissociate (which is why i'm suspecting Salvia). I appreciate what you mean about LSD, but I think... no matter how strong or crazy it gets, it is based on reality being completly skewed (but still based in reality)... not a seperate dimension.

Did any of your friend have a similar reaction? Did you have the senstation of your soul/mind being sucked away from your body (something I always got from Salvia).

Perhaps it was a violent reaction to very strong weed and you are very sensitive to it, which seems possible. I hope this is the case, as I think Salvia is more dangerous and it worries me that people could be selling it as weed.

But I don't want to panic you.... I think you are going to be fine as the long lasting cases of hppd seem to always come from lsd/mushroom/mdma use.

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yes sounds really strange the dimension morph but i never had it on salvia neither. only the feeling of being sucked into the sofa and micropsia/macropsia(a small room seems to be a big hall).

i only got such strange sensations on DXM+DPH

passion i wont to panic you too but if you can be sure it was weed, maybe you should see a neurologist and tell him the story could also be a form of temporal lobe epilepsy triggered by cannabis.

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Is hash the same as weed? If not. Then we smoked HASH.. o:

Sorry I told you wrong. Maybe that will change some of your opinions.

Eh, under my bad trip I felt like falling into the same "dream"-sequence over and over again. I couldn't stop.

When everything felt right.. I just fell out the world and came back to the "beginning" of the story. And it replayed over and

over again. I felt SO uncomfortable, it was so unbearable that I remember thinking that suicide was the only way.

But now I don't have this thoughts. I know I will survive it all, even if it lasts.

I am just a bit scared. Because I want it to go away.

Eh... Sometimes I feel a little bit of the "DP/DR" symptoms.. I feel like my mind is a bit away from my body.

Can't really explain. Hmm.. But I don't think that DP/DR will be permanent on me. I am just worried about HPPD. o:

None of my friends had similar reactions.

They just got high and the next day they were fine.

It's only me. I think I took a REALLY deep breath/puff.

I still have my hppd symptoms today too.

I am not going to go on any medications or do doctor appointments.

MediTATION on the other hand, I'll try.

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hash is the pressed resin(harz) of the cannabis plant

its mostly the same

but i think this would rule out the salvia theory.

on the DP/DR forum http://www.dpselfhelp.com/forum/ are posts of people saying they have visual disturbances(symptoms of HPPD) because of DP/DR if i remember correctly.

And Cannabis is known to cause DP/DR

maybe you will have a look there as well.

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Yea, that probably rules out Salvia (never heard of it in hash form).

By the sounds of it, you had a very strong reaction to cannabis and maybe went into a bit of a dream/trance state. I think it goes without saying that you should never do any drugs, ever again.

I hope you recover soon.

Good luck, Jay

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thats possible,

i used to get a dreamlike feeling(DR?) in the first weeks too, but only when the visuals freaked me out,

after my aniexty went this went away,too.

i read DP/DR is a common comorbid appearance when you dont feel (mentaly) comfortable

i believe if you accept the visuals the comorbid appearances will settle down first then the visuals will maybe go away too.

Dont stress up and you will certainly be fine in time.

take care

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Thank you for your words Jay.

Do you think that this will ever go away? :c

I think so, yes.

If it does, I beg that you don't forget about this experience and try drugs again. The majority of us here got a warning like this, it went away, and we fell back into drugs again. Here I am, 16 years later. Learn from my mistakes.

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I also heard that weed has a special cannabinoid that supresses hallucinations...if that wouldnt be in ur ganja you would have optics....But no one can proof that, its fucked up that it´s not allowed to do researches on drugs, thousands of people need to get healed from HPPD, and no one cares about them...Here in Germany the state treats you like you would be "A waste of Money" if you have HPPD, they´ll put u into psychatric station and thats it....Thats how they solve problems here..just go into fucking Psychatrist-station....They don´t interest in your problems...is there a country where researches on LSD or whatever is allowed?

And yes, be carefull with this spice shit, i accidantely smoked 2 heads directly in a row, and wondered why it´s not tripping...mate, 15 minutes later my heart was pumping so hard that it hurt, i feeled how it touched my chest-bones, i got dyzzy and fell down on the floor. my shoulders and arms where hurting and a flowing pain went from upper chest to my figers.....I really thought i would die....The herb has been called Chrome...So if this legal chrome can do that, i think ur herb can do visuals and DP/DR too.....Drugs just evolved too hard...

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My DP/DR is almost gone. C; Because I tried to convince myself that I have never had more controll over my body than what I have now. That it all is just a simple feeling. And now I am back to like 98%..

Maybe my DP/DR wasn't so bad from the beginning.

My HPPD is better.. Or.. At least I am used to it. Today I could forget about it's existans for like one hour. C;

I still see the statics and the traces. But... Either I'm used to it or it has gone better.

Some days ago I bought some magnetic necklace that is suppose to help with the bloodcirculation. Maybe it worked, maybe not. (If it is even possible to helt the blood to get faster to the brain that way.)

But yeah c; That is how the things are right now.

I hope it will disappear completely.

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ummpf i just googled it and yes you can get salvia in a resin form :blink:

never heard of this shit before i only smoked leafs and extract.

a few years ago when you could buy every thing in a smart shop in the netherlands i never saw a resin,

seems to be new or only available in some countrys?

but the problem with hash is also that it is a lot more laced than weed.

here in germany you can find all diluents, which are found by smokers, online maybe you could look up if something like this exists in your country too.

BTW Passion good to hear that things are gettin better for you

take care

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My friends didn't experienced anything exept that they just got high >.<

It was actually only me who was tripping. And they have never experienced something like I.

You can't believe how happy I am.. I can finally see walls. <--- strange thing to say.

But yeah.. First day I couldn't see walls as actuall walls. They were statics and statics only.

I couldn't concentrate om walls. Now I can do it a little bit.

A relief.

I really hope that all of you guys will get better.

<3 Thank you thank you thank you for being there and talking to me.

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