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Think i have recovered!!!


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Hey guys..

Have not posted for a month or so but i just though i would give a update..

Its been a month with almost no symptoms!!! Had it pretty bad for a while, well over a year and was kinda getting to grips with the fact that it might be a permanent thing. I feel some what apprehensive posting this and i hope it continues but it seems i might of got lucky... Cant really give any definitive advice... What i would say though is i was (and still do) meditating for half and hour a day, i found this really helped me come to terms with it and stop freaking out about it. Once i stopped worrying and questioning it, it seems that it started to diminish.. Still occasionally get flares and a little closed eye distortion if i have a really long sleep as i wake up... But its become very infrequent.. Smoked a little joint the other day which i could never of done before and all was well just like the old times...

Dont know if i really want to start blazing again now im off it but its nice to know i can... Acid MDMA and all that shit is finished.... Fuuuuuuck that.... I did plenty LOL

Any way really hope all you guys are doing well and just felt i should give an update and thank every one who gave kind words of advice...

Daylight is good at arriving at the right time..... George Harrison.....

Peace and Love

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Very inspiring, these are the kinds of stories that keep me going. I have a couple of questions though.

When you meditated did you keep your eyes open or closed? The reason I ask this is because I see too much snow to focus when I close my eyes.

Im assuming you were sober the whole time you were recovering, but if you weren't what did you take and how often? And when I say this I mean any drug including stuff like heavily caffeinated tea or coffee or cigs.

How long did you have hppd? Can you describe the worst it ever was (outside of a flashback)?

What was your worst symptom?

Thanks in advance and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm really happy for you!

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Hi guys,

OK, i stopped almost all drugs... Still drank coffee, occasional beers, smoked tobacco and maybe a line of coke on a friday..

At the worst point, i was getting serious VS, flashes, flares in left eye, serious paranoia with depression, anxiety, closed eye distortions when i woke up and everything would look weird at times, like a very mild trip.. It was pretty full on..... Still get some very minor flashes and flares but they are very faint and infrequent now... I cant really describe what the worst symptom was... I kinda think the worst thing was worrying about it.... I think its important to try and stay happy and positive... Trust me i had some very dark moments when i definitely didnt feel very positive... Funny enough my cousin has it quite mildly as well, he was one of the first people i confided in and i was expecting him to be like "damn thats fucked up" But he was like daaaamn i get that to i thought i was the only one!!! Had a bit of a laugh about it...

With the meditation, i found i had to be very clean in mind and body... I found it useless the day after drinking beer or what ever... Generally i would go for a jog, or a bike ride and do it when i came home but not when i was tired... Just when i feeling relaxed...

This is the link to the tutorial i used to get me started but i have kind of adapted my own version now but its a good starter.. Used to get VS with my eyes closed when meditating but you just have to go with it and concentrate on the breathing...

Wish i could give some more definitive advice but what would say is it seemed to be controlled and made worse by my fear of it.. The more i accepted it the less prominent it became..

Really hope all you guys are doing well and can beat this shit... And for those not doing well, it can get better, stay strong, stay positive!

Peace and Love ......

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If a simple meditation can help, think about vipassana. Start like Ziggy, with something simple (and effective), and later you will be able to do something more difficult. I told to my myself : "ok, this is my new drug"

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