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New here, 20 y/o who could really use some advice or info from others with hppd


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Welcome, you have a similar story to me... Very similar, in fact.

You sound like you are on the right path, if you can excerise, eat right and focus on as much other stuff as possible, you should start to feel better.

Try and stay away from the benzos while you get used to this shit. You have an addictive personality and benzos are VERY addictive, especially when they are taking away your hppd symptoms (much like alcohol was, i'm sure). Benzos can really help, and now I am stuborn enough to only take them occasionally, they are a blessing... But if I had got my hands on them at your age and at your point in the illness, i'd have been addicted within months.

Have a good look around the site, there is plenty of good advice and good people.

All the best, Jay

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Yeah I definitely agree that I have an addictive personality. And I suppose trying to rush things by immediately jumping into medications (especially ones with high abuse and dependence potential) is probably a bad idea. I just figured that after spending 4 months sober I would notice at least a little bit of a change, for better or worse, but it didn't happen. I guess that's why I feel like sobriety alone isn't enough but after reading quite a bit of stuff on this site for a few hours last night it seems like the consensus is that there is absolutely no 'quick fix' for this.

Thanks much Jay,

keep on keepin on


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I almost don't want to write this, for fear of scaring you at a bad stage... But it took me a few years to see any improvements. But I am thankful that I learned to cope without meds and I pretty much breeze through even the hardest days now, because of the coping mechanisms i picked up in those early years.

Hopefuly you start seeing improvements much quicker than I did too. Most here seem to.

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