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Shortness of breath

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I've been having shortness of breath lately. I know it's a common sign of anxiety, but it doesn't seem to be correlated with current anxiety state. I also went to the doctor and he said the lungs are fine.

Have anyone of you suffered from this too?

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8 hours ago, joanapalmer said:

I’ve been smoking hemp/cbd only for 2 weeks..just smoked some medical cannabis.

Yeah, we can tell you just toked: this has nothing to do with the topic...

@rlopes I don't get that myself, but you're right, likely related to anxiety. Even if you're not actively feeling more anxious than normal, am I correct in assuming there's always some underlying level of anxiety?

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I get this periodically. It’s incredibly irritating at best. I’ve had all sorts of muscular issues since getting hppd though. AFAIK nothing to just take and make it go away... I just do a lot of exercises to chill it out. 

I find a breath in for 3 seconds into the diaphragm, then upper chest, then belly followed by a 10 second even exhale helps it. Takes some time and practice but it’s also fantastic for excess adrenaline.

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