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Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon

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Hi there. I've had HPPD since I was about 19... so going on 16 years now.  I won't get into all the details but what I'm wondering is if anyone has resolved, or read about someone who resolved their Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (BFEP)?  This is probably one of my most annoying symptoms and is prevalent on any large bright surface.  Central vision and peripheral. 

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


- Brad

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There are two things that make me think it can be fixed...

2mg of klonopin reduces my VS and BFEP by about 80%, so there is a clear neurological issue that can be targeted.

Staring at a video of tv static for X amount of minutes removes VS and BFEP for a few seconds, again, showing a neurological path.

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2mg is a lot, no doubt... if i am doing something where I have to focus, like I am at a work meeting, I can do 2mg and not be spaced out... But the moment i am sat down in front of the TV, I will drift off to sleep. 2mg also brings some memory issues... I pretty much have a top limit of 1.5mg now (which reduces VS by about 60-70% still).

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