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Do i have hppd or am i just trippin?


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I am 18 and have taken lsd about 8-9 times in the course of a half year. I have noticed after a really intense 200ug acid trip that i had very light tracers when i wave objects and my hands in front of my face. Colors dont blend together but they do seem more vibrant than normal. I dont have anxiety or feel depersonalized. At this point it has been about a month since these my last trip and the onset of these minor symptoyms. Now i am curious do i have hppd of some sort?

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On 9/19/2020 at 4:38 AM, Jay1 said:

I always called that stage "pre-hppd"... It's just the first warning signs, you almost have to force them on. I'd be careful with further drug use. 

Completely agree with this, and at this point if I were you, cease all drug use for the rest of your life, there are a number of people that I have seen on here, that were where you are, and tried some weed or something mild even years down the road, and got full blown HPPD, dont risk it dude, its not worth it. 

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