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Hello HPPD Community.

I hope you are all well.

If you are Australian with HPPD we would love to hear from you to be involved in an in depth study to unravel HPPD taking place in Sydney Australia shortly.

Please contact me via direct message as soon as possible so i can ask a few simple questions. 

You being involved in the HPPD study will help massively in discovering the mechanics behind HPPD and thus finding a cure.

Please get in contact with me as soon as possible.,


Best Regards




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Hi there,

I'm many months late to finding this sote and responding to your post, but are you still conducting any hppd studies? 

I would love to be involved. I live in the greater Sydney region and have been suffering from hppd for 5+ years. 

Please let me know if you need more applicants for any hppd studies.

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Hi Edd

Good to hear from you, 

yes the study has recently been approved and will be taking place next month , July. I will be heading to Sydney from the Gold Coast to participate. in it.

Please feel free to inbox me your number or a way to contact you..... so you can participate also.


Look forward to being in contact soon!



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The success of the MacQuarie is dependent on funding which currently is not available from any federal agency. Heck, the Psychiatrist who I know personally that took over Dr. Abraham’s practice, who gets several HPPD patient inquiries PER DAY, goes to conferences  where he discusses the condition where a small fraction of his colleagues are aware of it....

Until that changes, it’s up to US to get this study funded.

The Macquarie Protocol is singlehandedly our greatest chance at making any headway toward solving HPPD.

Please donate. 
It’s an investment into your future and a means to spare anyone from having to suffer the same fate.


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