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 Hi guys jaz here. Just an update that lamotragine messed me up further. No surprise really seeing as anything I have tried this year has sent me up a level.  My visuals are think inception 7 layers deep mixed with an extremely glitchy matrix.  I have realized that there is actually no limit at all to how bad this thing can get.  Iv gone from a 1 to an 11 this year through panicked mistakes bad advice doctors etc. the latest I tried was Lyrica but made me feel even more high.    So my question to you all.  I have unlimited supply of clonasapam   Right now I take 1 mg every other day.  My visuals mean that going outside is pretty much out of the equation right now. Sitting inside is tough also given the incredible visuals I have.  Not even 3 mg clonaspam touches them any more.   Was suicidal last year when my syntims could be considered mild. I’ll be honest I have applied to exit in Swiss for assisted suicide as a backup option.  Just can’t imagine years of this.  So my question is can someone take clonaspam for a long period of time and their hppd fade. Some people have told me long term use of clonaspam actually makes your hppd worse over time.    The natural route is out of the question as I need to be sedated to handle what I am seeing    Even if all I do in the next year is sit in front of tv and take clonaspam I’m willing to do it if there is the slightest chance things can get better.   It’s ironic all the stuff I thought would be a safer long term option than kpin is what has seriously fcked me up.  Any advice  personal experience would be appreciated. Thx all 

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On 2/28/2021 at 12:07 AM, Theloscarnales said:

As far as I know is that benzo long term helps hppd, but the withdrawal symptoms can spike anxiety up and therefore worsen symptoms again. So you gotta be careful with the dose and have off days etc. But u gotta talk with experienced people about it.

Do you think benzos can improve hppd permanently?, or only while you take them?

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