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over active dmt gland?

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title sounds a bit uneducated and stupid but, it kinda struck me as an idea that maybe the whole visual snow thing is caused by the gland in the brain that produces dmt. it pumps it out when u sleep and when u die, but maybe the patterns and snow etc are caused because mixing a lack of sleep and drugs has made the gland over reactive?

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No such thing as a DMT gland man, not to be a douche but thats a drug myth that really fuckin annoys me, alot of my seasoned tripper friends get pissed off about it too because it just makes people who use psychedelics for spiritual purposes sound like such fuckin kooks...think about it...if youre dreamin due to dmt...then if you wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, then shouldnt you wake up trippin balls since the dmt is still in your synapses?

The pineal gland might contain some, which is released when you die, im not disputing that because theres really no way to know...plus my dad flatlined and the shit he said he saw is pretty trippy so who am i to say haha

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