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wild mushroom warning

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i havent posted on here in forever. 


just a warning to stay the hell away from wild mushrooms. a friend of mine picked some lobster mushrooms and assured me they were fine to eat. took a tiny tiny bite of one and it has given me full blown hppd again. just like that. right back to zero after the derealization and vs had settled down a bit (im still very ill but more inline with PAS symptoms)


anyway ya stay the fuck away

its been over a week and im getting worse each day



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How are you feeling? Are you saying that you u ate a non hallucinogenic mushroom and are experiencing cognitive symptoms? Dude that sounds like you got poisoned go to the hospital.


Neurotoxins are real things... I don’t eat mushrooms people pick in the wild unless they are very experienced and even then I eat at my own risk. Very sorry you are experiencing this. 

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