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Has anyone else here had HPPD induced by dissociatives?

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My HPPD began last August after some adverse interactions between PCP and anxiety medication I was taking every few hours. Symptoms have definitely improved wirh time after living the sober life for a few months but after beginning to drink and party weekly the symptoms stopped improving at a steady pace and some got worse. 

My main issues are widespread numbness, foggy mind, and most importantly, distorted depth perception where the world/my surroundings/my own body appear small and far away which drives me nuts as anyone could imagine. 

Im now giving antipsychotics another shot since some side effecte were too proninent when I tried them almost a year ago. Ive noticed any substances that increase dopamine production/levels make my numbness and depth petception distortions worse for a day or a few days after, plus my psychiatrist recommended a specitif dopamine antagonist ot "dopamine blocker which are commonly known as antipsychotics. In my case my psychiatrist whos dealt with a patient with PCP related issues had used Risperidone on that patient with success so tecommended it for me so thats what im trying aagin.

Im just attempting to try this coutse of trratment again this week so I know itll take some time to imptove my symptoms if it does, my biggedt concern is that itll make my syptoms worse but I gotta try something. Ive also decided to stop any recreational substance abuse all together because that was most beneficial to my rercovery initially.

If anyome has been in a similar situation Id greatly appreciate any input/advice because it sucks living like this and I I share the pain of everyone whos part of this community. Any info that may lead me in the right direction is all ai can ask. I know that for each chemical reaction in the brain/body there is a counter interaction that will block or reverse the effects, its just finding the right medication or substance that comes between us and returning to a normal wau of life. They've found a drug to counteract opiates like heroin to save lives and block the effecte, theres got to be a way to do the same with hallucinogens.


Thanks everyone

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Welcome to the forum.

Hopefully you have stopped drinking and partying again. The temptation is strong (i'm typing this with a hangover!)... But sobriety really does help recovery.

Do you have any other visual symptoms. Distorted depth perception is more related to dp/dr than hppd, in my opinion. If you don't have visual snow, trails etc, you might not have hppd. 

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Unfortunately, alcohol is also just really really bad for the brain... if you must use it then take DHM to help with the toxic aldehydes. That is at least one way to practice harm reduction. I can attest as well that alcohol really retarding my recovery at certain points. 

I had my first brush with HPPD from triple c’s. I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing HPPD. Fortunately, I was young at the time and recovered eventually. Stay sober. Exercise. Practice as good sleep hygiene as humanly possible (says he at 4:30 am lol). 

antipsychotics have been known to worsen peoples symptoms. But have also helped some. It might depend on your personal hppd and intensity etc. 


if you have a little cash you can spare, I highly recommend you get your genes tested. They can tell you, at least pre hppd, if you would respond favorably to antipsychotic medications. It’s not an absolute guide, but it can help. Especially teaching you how to take care of yourself to promote healing. They will send you personalized guides on how to live a healthy lifestyle according to your genetics. 



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