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I will do my best to be around, but I haven't for this reason

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I waste too much time worried about a lot of things that I don't have control over, but I also have a lot of control of preparing my family to spend another three months in 100% quarantine because that is what I have agreed to do.

Dr. Abraham is retired 100%, and I am unable to do any work at the time as I am primary caregiver to my mother who has 1 kidney, COPD, congestive heart failure, pacemaker and defibrillator and she lives at our family home, which we plan on selling eventually, but in the mean time  I am the only family member that can do my best to keep the coronavirus out, which in my area (Metro Detroit) will soon again be very challenging. Additionally, keeping her out of the hospital for other issues have required picking up some clinical skills I had not planned on doing. 

Just as a side not if current funder is reading: hppdonline.com was re-registered. 

There is a funding opportunity. There is also a lot of awful information out there on the Internet about HPPD. Some recent studies were a step away from academic dishonesty. Suddenly, every "drug rehab" center is using HPPD templates that honestly are awful as "content" for their sites. 

I am also facing significant family issues that relate to this. The type of issues that can destroy a family. I will post a copy of this message as its own and I will look at what updates are required and wait to do until after backing everything up. 

I am sorry for the rushed message. I needed to get something out, and not overthink it or overpromise because I am taking on a lot  right now. I have protocols and information that I made available, and would love to help others and it is possible but honestly this site is overwhelming at times and once was the center of my life.  In 1998, I learned HTML to start creating it and I met my wife (now ex, but still amazing friend) on here. My whole life changed from this web site, we advertised for research for DPD/DR and using it allowed a springboard to create medical research publications before I had a degree. I deleted the web site because I was ordered to in order to keep a position to help us with research, and I thought I would be able to get a back up of it from the hosting company but I missed the date by a few days. I lost 6 years of content. Then had to start it over again and not be able to explain anything that happened for 3 years of HPPD related things and have zero jobs hire me (for example, a job for a mental health worker during the night shift to Best Buy or CVS) since I graduated in 2011. Using my real name, admitting past drug use (and having a google search of your name bring up MDMA/etc just isn't worth it for an HR department to want to hire you when anyone else could do the job and not be trouble: most often I get something nice like, "Why would you stay here and not be in school?" or why are you here? [suggestion is something really bad must have happened]). This site comes up a lot. This is where I want to be or I wouldn't have made those choices, I knew what I was doing when I used my full name. I just didn't think the world would have a big recession as I was coming out of school, I would realize the severity of my ADHD and how it affects my functioning in day to day tasks and what work I would need to fix this. I surely didn't expect to be my father's caretaker and then my mothers. I certainly didn't expect a Global Pandemic.  

I remain positive. Out for now.

Thank you,.


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