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SPECT Brain Scans

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Anyone had one of these scans and was it helpful in providing any information.  I saw an old TED talk and was thinking about giving this a shot as I also suffer from mental health issues and it sounds like these people use these scans to help treat these disorders (mental health). 

Was curious if the scans may give insight into HPPD as well.

Ted Talk Dr Daniel Amen SPECT Scan

SPECT Scan Clinic

Mayo Clinic

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I don't know about the SPECT scans, I'll check it out, I want to address the antipsychotic part of your post. You said "or will force me to take anti psychotics", unless you're involuntarily commited or something, I can't see how anyone to force you to take them. For the record, yes, anti-psychotics will make your HPPD worse, not better, so unless you have a secondary condition that would warrant them, I'd fight back hard against taking them.

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I guess I was just curious what one of these SPECT scans may be able show in regards to HPPD.  I know they are using these scans to formulate treat other brain injuries and mental health disorders so I'm curious if it could aid in treatment for those who suffer from this as well.  Probably a long shot, but you never know.


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