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Where to get Nootropics?

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Hey everyone, 

 I hope all is well.  I have been doing pretty well but I have a nagging fear that the supplements I take are not trustworthy.  I will first off say that this fear is really not based on anything other than my own obsessive personalty. 

I find it difficult to vet online retailers, even if they provide a certificate of analysis of their product.  I currently take:

Curcumin from Nootropics Depot

 Fish Oil+ Vitamin D from Life Extension

As far as what the internet has to say both of these vendors are apparently legitimate.  I am curious whether anyone has experience with them or recommend any others.  I feel like both of these products help me but I want to make sure I'm not  being reckless. 


I very much trust this forum. 

Take care!

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Fish oil is a legit supplement; I have been taking it since I was a kid. It helps not only mental but physical health too. It’s one of the remedies that are always fine.
Of course, it’s not the only one I take. For the last half a year, I have been taking fish oil combined with an alpha brain dietary supplement from brainreference.com. It consists of various amino acids and other natural ingredients that help to increase brain function, reduce stress and anxiety and improve memory. I already start to notice some of my cognitive functions have improved, and there is almost no fog in my brain now.

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