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Alcohol use and symptoms help

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I'm a man in my mid-20s who has been a heavy alcohol drinker for years. The day after heavy drinking my HPPD symptoms are significantly worse and often paired with brain fog that can be impairing enough for days that I have to basically isolate myself (luckily I live alone) or else anxiety spikes.  This has caused several occasions of using sick days on Mondays or Tuesdays and making up excuses of why I had to use a sick day.

This used to only be a problem with heavy drinking, so I logically limited my drinking and that seems to help.  However, there are still some days when something like a night of 6 light beers can significantly spike up HPPD symptoms the next day, which I don't really consider heavy drinking.

I know that the simple solution is to stop drinking entirely.  However, I still have a decently-large social circle remaining from college, and being in my mid-20s many social activities include drinking.  I find myself canceling plans just because I know with THAT person or THIS person the chances of heavy drinking will be high.  This causes social guilt, even among my trusted friends whom I've disclosed my HPPD with.

My question then, besides the whole "stop drinking" or "limit drinking" points, which are valid, is does anyone have any other tips or tricks or advice on how to limit these post-drinking HPPD symptoms?  Are there certain alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks that work better than others in preventing symptoms?  Are there certain foods?  Anything would be appreciated.


Thanks guys.  New to this forum and appreciate some of the topics I've already read up on.

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As a recovering alcoholic I feel the need to point something out you might not like to hear: 6 beers in one night is still heavy drinking. Most people don't drink more than two alcoholic drinks in one night. You have a drinking problem.

You're used to high amounts of alcohol so likely don't even recognize your hangovers when you're having them. Hangovers = more HPPD symptoms.

Only you can decide to get help, I know pushing you to seek help is a waste of time, so the only advice I can give is to do things that typically help with hangovers, and they might help: drink on a full stomach, pop some L-Carnitine, drink lots of fluids, supplement with B vitamins.


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In my 20s I drank far more than I should to deal with my hppd symptoms.  I rarely got out of control, but I definitely drank too much. Over time, I didn't have it in control, it had control over me.  The day after made my symptoms worse, especially anxiety.  Also, even on days I didn't have a hangover I noticed my anxiety was getting worse, not better.  I stopped drinking and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself (and did for my wife and kids).

I'm apologize if it sounds like I'm giving a temperance lecture.  I'm not trying to tell you, or anybody, how to live their life.  Some people can control their alcohol consumption.  Others, like me,  can't.  Throw in the anxiety caused by hppd and alcohol becomes all too tempting.

I don't have any advice to reduce "hangover hppd" except to not drink.

Take care and be well.

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The one bit of advice I have for hppd + hangover (and it's not clever advice) is to take a benzo. It really cuts through the next day anxiety and roughness.

But adding another addictive drug into the mix is clearly not the wisest move.

That aside, here are some tips for the drinking part... Stick to bottled beer, lower %, avoid smoking cigarettes (they double up the hangover, for me), eat a good meal beforehand, have a banana when you get home, take a rehydration mix like Dioralyte before you go to bed, drink a glass of water. 

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This is a difficult topic.  I am a recovering alcoholic, about 2 years into sobriety and overall pretty happy.  

Alcohol is a tricky friend that can cause major damage if left untethered for long enough.  That being said, I'm not claiming that you are an alcoholic but I think it's worth evaluating ones relationship with alcohol.  I think this is good practice for just about everyone. 

Try asking yourself the following questions:

1) Do I drink when I don't want to drink?

2)Do I usually regret drinking? 

3)Do I think about drinking to get through the day? 

4) Is it hard for me to go a few days without a drink? 

There are many other signs that alcohol could be an issue.  And the subject itself is quite complicated as it's intimately tied to social interaction, culture etc... it's not always cut and dry.  

What many people recommend is to try reducing the intake, frequency and see how it goes for them.  Of course that's going to have a positive effect on your symptoms and probably your state of mind (and your wallet :))

Anyway, for me it came down to choosing between my relationship with booze and drugs and my career and wife.  I couldn't seem to manage both so I tried sobriety and over time realized that I was an alcoholic through and through.  Additionally, it was my alcoholic thinking that allowed me to contract HPPD; 30 hits of LSD over one week period plus many other trips.  My relationship with booze and drugs has never been manageable so I chose to end it and so far so good.    

I am not here to tell you what to do but the best advice I can give you is be honest with yourself.  That's how I was able to see that I had a problem.  Plus I still have friends who drink and use drugs and I have no problem with them enjoying themselves around me.  This is my choice and it's really no one else's business and honestly I'm having way more fun being sober than before.  


Take Care!

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I'm starting to worry that all of this might scare you off from getting HPPD support here, particularly what I said.

Please understand that we're just trying to help, even if you keep drinking please know that we are here to help, we don't have to discuss alcohol anymore if you don't want. This is an HPPD support forum, alcohol is definitely a tempting fix for it.

I'll admit that although I'm a recovering alcohol I fucked up and drank tonight. Shit happens. Especially in today's times. I have a drug and alcohol counselor I see, and she's told me that most of her clients have relapsed. I doubt anyone is immune to stress right now.


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I'm just glad to see you came back. This is an HPPD support forum, not an AA forum, so if you don't want to talk about alcohol it's fine. It's your life after-all and HPPD sucks ass to put it mildly, we all have our ways of coping.

You're not being judged, and we all get it. If you ever feel the need to vent send me a message.


To answer the original topic, in terms of limiting post-drinking HPPD symptoms, buy yourself the amino acid NAC and take it about an hour or two BEFORE you drink (don't take it once you've started drinking: it will increase liver damage rather than protect it). There is a lot of anecdotal evidence and some research suggesting NAC can offset hangovers, which would likely cut down on HPPD symptoms. I've relapsed a few times, and the times in which I've used NAC before I boozed up, the hangover was not as bad at all really.
There's also research regarding hangovers that shows that Panax Ginseng can help with offsetting hangovers.
I'm suggesting hangover cures because let's face it: increased HPPD after drinking is basically due to a hangover, the brain isn't working at it's full capacity, and since we have shit luck and have HPPD, it increases the visuals during that time.

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