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Visuals from non-drug induced DR


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I just found out that Visual snow and some other visual symptoms I have experienced are common in sufferers of dereaization even if their derealization wasn't caused by drug use. When my symptoms first started I had a few days of bad DR but it hasn't been to that level since. I would say that i have had really mild DR since then (feeling like I'm just not sensing the world right even if I can't explain how it is wrong). MY visuals have always been mild, usually just snow or weird after-images so maybe it's just a symptom of the DR rather than HPPD or something unique to hallucinogen caused anxiety. That would seem to greatly improve our odds of recovering, right?


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Many people have similar symptoms to us without ever having taken any drugs. http://thosewithvisualsnow.yuku.com is a general forum for visual snow and related symptoms.

Check out this abstract I posted: http://hppdonline.co...-migraine-aura/

Note only 40% had a history of substance abuse.

I don't know too much about DR/DP as I don't experience it, but I don't think getting rid of the DR/DP gets rid of the visual snow etc.

DP/DR is a symptom of HPPD for many. Did you ever experience DP/DR before drugs?

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That is my case, a little complex.My anxiety and DR /DP is so high that the visual part only appeared when I read about it and I started to pay attention.While some trails were not noticed as much as now that my brain is on the lookout for any visual anomality.

As you have posted,our brain is able to dissociate and suffer visual disturbances without the use of drugs.Interesting.

Something that reflected last year whenI saw the"breathing walls" and could manipulate the distortion to my liking with my mind.If it were as simple as an injury, thatwould not be possible to do. The mind hide's a secret-

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