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I would love to hear from anyone that's had permanent vision changes since taking salvia as I've never actually met or spoken with anyone who has had anything near like the trip I had which caused me to have he continuing symptoms so I've also never spoken with anyone who's had any lasting effects.

During the day I barely notice anything as long as I'm doing something, distracting myself in some way, if I sit down to relax that's when I can see that what I see intensely at night is still there, the chessboard patterns moving in a tv static pixelated way, movements of light like the stripes of a rainbow but wave like, like the waves washing in and out of a shore. Also during the day if I try to relax and close my eyes, the closed eye visuals can become so intense that I give up trying to relax and force myself to keep my eyes open and find something that will occupy me so I don't drift off into the intense closed eye madness that is not only seeing patterns but feeling my body move with them like being on a rollercoaster or the thing I can't remember the name of but they sit you in a seat in a kind of gyroscope looking thing and spin you round in every direction.

At night when it's starting to get dark the chessboard structures become more and more noticeable the darker it gets, when it's completely dark I feel like I'm surrounded by tv static pixels that flash fast and move to make some truly amazing sights but the same as during the day when I close my eyes to sleep the patterns move so fast and get big and small my body starts feeling like it's moving with the changing shapes. In the last few years, I think it might have been caused by trying some kind of spice cannabinoid while in prison but I see very definite electric neon light moving along the chessboard structures, the best way I've thought to describe it is like plasma ball light but it moves in straight lines and builds patterns on top of and within patterns and has added a while new level of madness to my symptoms.

When I finally get tired enough to start difting off to sleep ( without benzodiazepines, in the jail was where this was a big issue) I found myself appearing in different places or rooms that seemed familiar then when something caused the place I was seeing to change and I came back into my body the first thing I would notice was that I was the right way up again, when I was having the vision I felt like I was the right way up but on coming back to normal, up on the vision could have been upside down back to front but I only realised that wen I was fully aware of my surroundings again.

I have stopped using recreational drugs for about 2 years mainly because of being in and out of jail but when I enjoyed taking ecstasy during my late teens and early 20s some of the tablets have me unbelievable patterns when I was coming down from the initial high, the best way I can describe these is, the same as all my visuals it's not anything physical that changes but the space in between everything, like 3d moving fishing net or spider's web designs that would seem to go on into infinity like if I spent time staring at them the patterns would go into the patterns which would go into the patterns forever.

I've had one salvia experience since the first 20 years ago, probably around 4 years ago now. It was 60x extract and far too strong but when I started to become conscious again I felt myself merging with the couch I was sitting on and was getting bright tracers from anything that moved. Unfortunately for a good few months after this second try of salvia my closed eye visuals became like looking into the workings of a clock or a watch, repeated cog like patterns that although always had the same main structure, the ways in which they moved meant it never got too repetitive. I also had around a few weeks of seeing lsd colour movements in objects during the day but it never lasted long and has never come back. Thankfully the closed eye and darkness visuals that became so much more intense than after my first experience have calmed down to basically the same as I've always seen, possibly due to me being able to get cheap fake xanax bars and eating them by the handful. This caused unbelievably painful withdrawal when I got jail but if it helped stablise my symptoms and return them to basically what I had already been used to it was worth it.

Because I use benzodiazepines daily the only symptom that gives me problems is trying to rest during the day and the closed eye madness that forces me to stay motivated or focused on something but when the gyms open up again I'll be able to go there and this will make my life a lot better.

Thanks for taking the time to read this I hope I have explained things well because explaining the experiences has always been the hardest thing about having this condition for me and I am interested to know if this is the same for everyone.


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Sounds pretty intense man.  I'm sorry to hear your symptoms are as strong as they are.  

This forum isn't all that active.  Maybe check r/hppd.  Just don't smoke any weed or take Lions Mane as it's not some kind of miracle cure despite what advice the kids there may suggest.


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I'm so sorry to hear that you've been dealing with these symptoms for so long and that you haven't had the chance to speak with anyone who has had similar experiences. It's important to know that you're not alone and that others understand what you're going through. In the meantime, I hope you're able to find some ways to manage your symptoms and find some peace and relaxation. It might be helpful to try meditation, yoga, or other relaxation techniques to help you focus on the present moment and let go of the intense closed-eye visuals. You can also work with services like onsitemedspa.com which offer a variety of treatments that can help you relax and unwind.

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