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Exhaust fumes.. Not good!!


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Hello guys....

Street racing is my new drug taking... Its helped me in many way to cope with things.. Firstly its a drug and drink free scene.. instead of buying drugs i buy parts... when im driving i NEVER get any symptoms... The concentration levels are to high... While im doing it im really happy... Like MDMA happy... :D Well not quite... its different LOL

However went to a race last night that was held in a tunnel... I did notice that the fumes were thick in the air.. whole tunnel was stinking of petrol fumes.... Any way was feeling a little light headed when i left and this morning woke up with some really bad visuals.. They have got better through day but it was pretty bad... Much worse than smoking a joint... Definitely the last time i will be doing that.... Made me consider the effect of breathing in all the toxins of living in a city on a day to day basis... hmmmm

By the way whats the opinion on smoking cigarettes and HPPD ?... Been wanting to give up for a while as its just a hangover from weed smoking days and i dont really enjoy it...

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Quit the fags if possible, I did 6 months ago. It has helped, I feel more calm day to day, more energy. Smoking used to amp up my anxiety which in turn would increase other symptoms. Feel better about myself for quitting finally, it really is a disgusting habit!!

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