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Just here to get my foot into the community.

Ben 91

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Hi people, first of I'll introduce my self, I'm ben. It's nice to find a community where I can talk about hppd. 

Little back story here, iv had hppd for 12 years now, started after getting into LSD and pyslocbin. 

Very hard first couple years due to the effects of hppd, I'm sure you guys get this. Then became hooked on smack to help me deal with it all,( worst decision of my life) after the best part of a decade I got clean in Thailand, and have been clean for over a year now. (BTW I'm from the UK) 

I have spoke to one other person irl that describes the same affects as me, so it is very cool to find this space that is built of us to share. 

Look forward to getting to know some of u guys. B 


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Welcome to the forum Ben, glad to hear you got off the smack, vicious drug.

I'm also from UK and just about to enter 25 years with this condition, not great! If you need any help or advice, just let me know.

Cheers, Jay

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Hi Ben,

I've had HPPD since 2007, if you need some advice, support, or just someone to vent to, feel free to message me.

I've also met someone IRL that had HPPD and told me about it. He was the guy doing an IQ test/cognitive functioning test on me, and when he read in my chart that I had HPPD he said he did too, from LSD, and that for him it lasted 10 years and then faded away.

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Hi Ben.  First off, congratulations for getting off of opiates.  It's such a slippery slope and takes too many promising lives.

Living with hppd makes us a unique group.  For a very long time I was quite alone with this disorder.  When I first had symptoms, there was no internet and there was such a stigma that explaining hppd to a doctor really wasn't an option.  This forum helped me understand that I'm not alone and it has helped me shed the stigma.

Dig around in the threads.  Lots of bright people post here.

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