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Going to be on the Dianne Sawyer Nightly News!

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Hey just wanted to tell you all that I am going to be on WORLD news in two weeks! I am getting interviewed on either next Monday or Tuesday... Everyone Stateside and everyone who gets abc4 news should tune in! I will give some more information when I get it. I'm going to be interviewed by Dianne Sawyer or probably one of her field anchors about prescription abuse among mothers, addiction, and hopefully I get to talk about HPPD! Anyone got any advice for what I should talk about? Super nervous right now!

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Thanks man! I'm nervous but excited at the same time. Supposedly it is world news... Do you not get abc in the UK? Maybe it is on satellite or something. I don't know and don't have an antenna so I can't record it but maybe I could get someone I know to DVR it or whatever. Not too savvy with the television stuff... Mostly just into movies.

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