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I take pramipexole once every few days. Started one year ago. At first I took it everyday and turreted up to 1mg. It makes me feel like SHIT, sleep terrible, and feel terrible the whole next day... followed by 3 good days.

It took quite a long time for it to start making me feel bad. about 6 months I think. It’s why I titrrated down to lowest possible dose.


it really helps me with my anhedonic depression. I can enjoy and seek things out that used to give me pleasure....


... and I don’t seem to have DAWS from it which is a real real threat when taking it. I still might develop it. Pramipexole is a wild beast and it can really effect things like compulsions and sex drive... if I hadn’t experienced semi permanent anhedonia from hppd and baclofen use I would never try it. Definitely a last resort kind of thing.  

this dex version is certainly interesting tho hmm

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