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Help Please.

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Hello everyone. 

I’m currently 19 a rising sophomore in college. I experimented with drugs, but never abused them or had a bad trip at all. I’ve done acid 4 times, each time a half tab less than 100 ug. Barely had visuals, never saw anything and it was mostly mental. I did molly about 3 months ago, the first time I truly tripped. It was fun, but vowed to never touch drugs again besides weed. I liked it, but they weren’t for me. I never had a bad trip at all, no PTSD or anything all were very controlled and good times. During this time, I was smoking weed from sunrise to sundown all day every day, never giving my brain a break. I quit 3 weeks ago, and ever since quitting I’ve had symptoms of HPPD, albeit pretty mild compared to others on here. My visual snow is not 24/7, mostly only at night and only on certain surfaces. I have afterimages, but I have to intently stare at an object for 5+ seconds for them to happen, it has to be bright or high contrasted. I also see floaters a lot. Have a little bit of DP/DR, but it’s manageable as I go to work everyday and managed to finish the semester with straight A’s. My cognitive abilities aren’t impaired, and my memory is still sharp as a tack.  Other than that, I don’t have other symptoms. Is it possible I have this? I didn’t start seeing any symptoms until researching weed withdrawal, and leading me to the Reddit HPPD page. Ever since then, I started seeing afterimages and vs. My DP/DR developed a few days into quitting weed and nicotine. I’m freaking out and can’t stop researching this, wondering if I have it, which seems to make my symptoms worse and worse. I’m hoping this is all something caused by my increased anxiety from quitting weed. Any comments help. 

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Everything will be fine! 

In fact, the less you ask yourself, the better. Everything will be fine:)

Look, the symptoms you describe are OK! Don't let that bother you. In fact, what I can really advise you to do -is to stop reading about HPPD and focus on other things.

I also advise you not to test the symptoms! I'm sure you do because we're all tempted to check to see if it's gone - don't do it! And if you do experience a symptom, don't worry! Tell yourself that other people have been through this and have a good life now! Also, you should try to observe it without judging (is it bad? am I normal?) just let these thoughts float but don't give it your attention:) Because everything is fine!!

I also advise you to avoid all drugs, coffee, etc. for the time being! Doing sports is always a good idea.

Don't think abt it / change the way it makes you feel and you will be alright ;)

Here if you wanna chat! 

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