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Questions about Hppd symptoms

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I have multiple questions about the symptoms of Hppd. It has been over 45 days since I've taken LSD and a week after taking it I noticed having multiple eye floaters. I have also during this time quit smoking weed after being a chronic user for many years, being now 40 days sober. I am having lots of uncertainty right now as to what I am feeling; not sure if I am experiencing marijuana withdrawals still, hppd, or some sort of eye problem. Here are some of my questions about hppd that will help me bring clarity to my current experience. 

1. Do people with hppd see floaters all the time, or just in bright light, like being outside? 

2. I tend to wake up every hour or two after a vivid dream. Do people with hppd experience vivid dreams that wake them up multiple times in the night? 

3.Do people with hppd experience more levels of REM sleep or is their sleep cycle the same? 

4. I sometimes after waking up see lots of white dots in my vision, spaced out in a equal distance order for like 20-30 seconds until it goes away. Do people with hppd have it worse when waking up? 

5. Did your hppd get worse over time or did all your symptoms come at once? 

Thank you so much to those that can answer these questions. I was never aware of hppd before noticing my floaters, but I am thankful that this is my only symptom for right now If I do happen to have it.

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I get eye floaters only when looking outside or very bright rooms, though I do not associate my floaters with my HPPD/Visual Snow Syndrome because I’ve always had them. Quitting marijuana causes anxiety and many bizarre withdrawal symptoms. After  40 days that should have began diminishing dramatically. I’d say you’d have noticed these symptoms during the early stages of marijuana withdrawal and are looking for them more, which in turn is creating further anxiety and exaggerating common disturbances that have always been there. Floaters are fairly common, especially with age. Go get your eyes checked and triple check your eyes are in healthy order, I’m sure they’re fine. Once you have received this confirmation, move on and live your life. 

with your mind clearer than ever since since quitting marijuana, you’re essentially in a new reality to what you’ve grown accustomed to. Enjoy your new sobriety and embrace being clean, well done and keep it up. It is not uncommon for those who have quit marijuana to experience increase in anxiety. 

with regards to REM cycles ect - I don’t think that’s linked to HPPD, as HPPD is mostly visual. Vivid dreams are linked to withdrawal symptoms. I’d say your dreaming more vividly because you no longer have marijuana aiding your sleep. Id assume this would diminish if you made yourself tired during the day with exercise and a strict sleeping pattern. 

My VSS/HPPD worsens the more I read into it and freak myself out - so if I were you, I’d just move on and focus on your drug recovery. This post is purely my opinion and if you are worried, seek assistance from a professional rather than me, who is purely giving you advise based on my experience and knowledge. 

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Hey there. will do my best to answer your questions from my opinion / perspective / experience only. I'm not claiming this to be the Supreme truth or ultimate Authority loI... am a sufferer of over 28 years. 

I don't have floaters all the time, generally occasionally outside, in bright light. tho I don't consider floaters as a symptom of hppd. I feel floaters to be more eye related.

I found in early days I had very vivid dreams / nightmares, I would scream in my sleep or behave as though I was being attacked / nightmares. This may have to do with repressed material / trauma (in my case) coming from the subconscious mind.

In relation to sleep activity REM etc , I'm not sure how to gauge / measure that.

In  my case hppd is not always worse after wakening up, it is very present upon wakening, although generally hppd is consistent through the day and night. I would have to say my visuals are generally more switched on in the evenings. may have to do with lighting definition etc.

In my onset of hppd it just switched itself on, was suddenly noticeable. I feel it can in many cases become more switched on / exacerbated over time.

I am being honest with you, from my perspective that during my onset, HPPD was / is much more than just floaters, generally consists in my case of an array of visuals  completely distorting perception i.e. eating into reality that are constantly in motion. 

If I had only floaters I would likely not worry so much, it does not seem consistent with real hallucinatory symptomologies. However I am not a medical professional or a neurologist. 

My  suggestions would be to stay clean, eat healthy , exercise, keep away from stimulants of any kind. get enough rest, de-stress and relax. possibly get yourself checked out with a medical person or eye testing etc

Hope this is helpful




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Benzos will put me to "sleep", but I still feel like shit the next day like I didn't get sleep at all.  I'm like a month and a half into this and it's really taking it's toll.  I have seriously not gotten a restful nights sleep since this started.

I hope this symptom has calmed down for you.  I know how terrible it can be.



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