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Do i have HPPD?


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well i dno about these days but microdots used to be a tiny little dot of mdma soaked in lsd, i think its probably sugar now everyones a cheapskate haha

but theres probably alot more on a mocrodot i would guess? i dont see why else it would be so much more intense

and yeah i'd say stay the hell away from all drugs and probably alcohol for a while and theres a high chance you'll get better over a short time, a'rend maybe even be able to go back to that kind of lifestyle if you think you're fully healed

however continue gettin mashed u'll probably just get worse... don't do what alot of people on here did and find that out the hard way!

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Yea, the microdot I had (back in 1995) was about the level of 5 tabs.... sounds like it is still much the same.... Crazy stuff.

Listen to your body and mind, mate.... Everytime you do drugs, it's making your vision a little worse. Then you will start noticing all the other shite that we are stuck with until you have full on hppd. It's not pretty and not worth risking.. just for a night on the mdma or another trip.

Give it a rest for 6 months, see where you're at.... you might get lucky and will still be able to enjoy the occasional night on the powder or a few spliffs here and there.

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yeah the microdot i took comes in the form of a tiny little red dot and i was also told it was the equivalent to 5 or 6 tabs, shouldn't really have jumped so far on my third time of taking lsd. but i forgot to add that when dropped it, i placed it underneath my tongue and the inside of my mouth has also never felt right ever since, but yeah i can actually trip myself out by simply pressing my tongue down in certain spots of my mouth, for example flicking that little bit of flesh underneath my tongue or putting preasure on the bit in the middle of my front teeth. its quite hard to describe the actual body trip i have inside of my mouth buts its really weird and i try not to test myself, although i have done it a few times in college. do you know anyone else with this little side affect to hppd? i've already cut down drastically on the weed as ive noticed its definitely making my symptoms worse but it does get really hard sometimes to turn down draw especially when most of my mates smoke, giving up the md and ket doesn't bother me to much. i was also wondering if actually paying attention to the visuals makes it worse, as i do find it very hard not to. thanks to everyone for commenting back, much appreciated

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Yeah you must (or should) stop with the weed.. I carried on blazing because i loved it but it made things alot worse... Now i think if i had given up straight away maybe i could still be blazing it now... If only i new.. And yes try and ignore the visuals... DONT SMOKE WEED.... I meditate, more to replace the weed than anything else but i find it helps me chill out alot...

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