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new Symptoms/ wondering about recovery/ neck issues?


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Had this for over 6 years, and it only got better with time to the point I was living a normal life, was able to consume alcohol and caffeine with no affect on symptoms. 
over the summer my symptoms got way worse out of nowhere, this was during a time where my work schedule didn’t allow for consistent sleep, And symptoms steadily got worse along with a plethora of new symptoms including constant migraine auras and pulsating vision, seeing veins in the eyes, daytime tracers, which I never used to get even on my worst days. Also the faces I see are 1000 times worse, the fuckin faces man. 

 I never did any drugs from the point of it getting worse to now including alcohol or caffeine. I’m taking supplements, getting plenty of sleep, eating a Ketogenic diet, have had MRI’s bloodwork you name it done and nothing comes up. My only explanation for the worsening could be the sleep (which is also extremely odd because I’ve had times of bad sleep In The past six years that have heightened symptoms temporarily but always returned to baseline, and never developed new symptoms) OR another reason which I’m almost entirely convinced is the determining factor, neck and back problems. I started having these at the same time things got worse, and With certain stretches and rolling etc. symptoms seem to reduce but unpredictably. 
Now that I’m on a much better sleep schedule and doing everything else better for myself, I feel as if I may be turning a corner but am still stuck with a much worse condition than I had before.

tried a very low dose of Lamictal but all it did was give me a rash, and most meds are out of the question for me occupationally. 

which leads me to a few questions, has anybody developed new symptoms without explanation, and then recovered back to baseline? 
and has anyone had worsening/improvement with neck problems or migraine issues? 
Jay maybe the only one to reply (he a straight G) but any and all feedback helps. 


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I had pain in my eyes and my head, like two months a go then i got tinnitus, now all of that is almost gone but my visual disturbanses became a lil worse, dont worry too much about it, this is a very common fase, and HPPD its a fluctuating disorder, theres nothing written to be a law about this.

But anyway check your back cause its common too that some symptoms that are not related with HPPD can exacerbate visuals and anxiety in general, cause we are in a extreme alert state of hypervigilance, im a lil hypocondric too, im not saying its your case, but for example i got a flu weeks ago and my visuals got worse and my headache apeared again, im fine now just with the shity visuals, take care bro, You will get better, hope!!!  

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Yeah, I’ve pretty much ruled out/solved every possible thing besides the neck and back problems which is why I’m convinced it’s that. I agree with it being strange, as it isn’t just my symptoms getting worse, but new ones entirely.  

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