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clonazapam dependant

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Have been using for approx. 6 months now. usually x 1  0.5 tab in evening

I have found with the isolation thru pandemic I have been bored as and amplifying my HPPD to insane levels. Out of sheer boredom and frustration occasionally I will inject a dose of clonazapam (not heathy I know) 

Feel like im gradually increasing dosage and may need to get help.



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The thing is, 0.5mg a day should be pretty easy to taper down from, you might not even show signs of withdrawal at all (but yea, chat to a doctor and work out a titration method)... But the injecting part, yea... that's a bit addicty!

Purely out of interest, did it make the 0.5mg feel stronger, come on faster?

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