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Any medical scans etc that show abnormalities?

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A study done by Dr. Abraham shows that brain wave coherence is actually reduced for individuals with HPPD... So EEGs will show irregularities in synchronization of brain waves. Not sure what frequency (alpha, beta, mu, etc.) but if you are a patient of Abraham you could probably ask him yourself.

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Thanks, Oliver. The article does prompt me to wonder what falls under the spectrum of "within normal range" for someone reading the results but not looking for HPPD or not knowledgeable about it.

Mine (EEG) was done to look for seizure activity I had (through acute illness not chronic), though found not to be classic epilepsy. I do know I have HPPD but I've not been formerly diagnosed by Dr. Abraham and doubt I could get to see him in the near future.

Is there anyone else reading who had normal EEG's? I thought this was common-place on the old forum but I could be wrong!

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I have done two EEG´s, one CT and one MRI. The EEG´s revealed nothing abnormal, but the MRI detected a scarring in the right ventricular wall in the brain (most surely not related to HPPD in any way). I´m still trying to get a qEEG done, which seems to be the only method of detecting abnormal HPPD brainwaves. But anyway, I finally have a HPPD diagnosis. This due to the unwavering persistance and nature of my visual disturbances (had it for 6 years now). And of course, the drugs that caused them.

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