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Yearly check-up


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Hey everyone!

How has everyone been? How’s quarantine been? It’s been awhile since I’ve logged in, roughly 10 months or so. It’s nice seeing Jay1, Maddoc and so many others who helped me a few years ago still being active. As corny as it may seem I really think you guys saved my life in 2016, made me realize that life wasn’t over. I’m now a freshman in college, finishing my second semester in a month! Passed all my classes (except math, fuck math) but I’m doing well. My visuals are still about 80-90% recovered from what they used to be, but that last 10-20% still gets in my way sometimes. I’m 19 now as well, felt like just yesterday I was a shithead 16 year old doing dumbshit with my friends. Been doing a lot better life wise recently, lost 20 pounds recently as well! I’m gonna be more active now, gonna try to be what jay was to me to others. Thank you for reading this far if you have, be kind to yourself and have a nice day! :) 



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