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Hey, even though we are all different, and can’t compare us with anyone, we all can say that we are going through a crazy hard time and Life..but listen to this sentence ..YOU CAN REACH EVERYTHING...IF YOU WANT..so hang your ass in and get yourselves well!! And I don’t mean for a week or a few months..hang your ass in for 2 years and I promiss you that you will be in a waay better place!! Do your exercises EVERYDAY..Read good books EVERYDAY..even if you aren’t able to understand things ..do it ! You will be able ..just HANG IN...lern everyday at least 2 hours..some skill that you want to have..a language..an Instrument..do some math..just do it EVERYDAY ...get a Hard discipline..go walking like what I said EXERCISE..just go walking at least 20 min a day..at now one of the most changing things Meditate.. EVERYDAY I think the most of you know about the whole things..not to forget healthy eating! But do all of you also do the whole stuff..with a hard discipline ? Just take notice about the stuff I Wrote down you to do everyday..write it down and make a day routine..and do this for 3 months and than let’s see how you feel..I promise you you will feel better ..and than 3 more months..I promise you you will feel way better..and after a year..so where does my motivation come from ? Because I was in a damn lost place in the beginning of this year..and I’m just doing the whole stuff with discipline..and now things are starting to get better..let’s say after 3 months..and I have hppd since 1 year now ! I know it will be cost a lot of energy..but we still don’t know enaugh about our brain to give up..and we know how much can be improved ..this isn’t a question..but it is just possible if we hang our ass in it ..get a  positive mindset..just try it..everyday !! Please guys do the stuff I wrote down and even more what you researched(things that improve our brain etc.. ) 

just hold in Front of your eyes where you can be in 1 year if you hang your ass in EVERYDAY..12 Months ..over 300 days..learning, eating good, exercising. Meditating..just start, even if it feels impossible for you..start and it will be possible..go against your Fears!!

love to all of you..wish you the best !!

and thanks to the people here with really helping informations!! 
I will do an extra post in 1-2 months..when I think it’s the right time for a success post here :) if god wants it will be soon..

(sorry for language issues, don’t take this 2 seriously please!😊)


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