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Kratom ?

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Hi Guys .Hope you are all doing well, Been a long time since I posted ."Long story short", I've been on pain medication for over 5 years for HPPD related Fybromylagia and fatigue and in my wisdom I decided to do a 5 day detox. Well the HPPD rattle was pretty big as you may imagine. For 5 days it was like walking through hell so i went back on them a decided to tirate down.

I have been looking at Kratom the natural root bark pain killer from Indonesia (Banned in several countries including the UK where I am based ) However Legal in some countries and States in the USA .

The reviews and i have seen hundreds looks very very good in respect to a pain killer and anti anxiety tablet .

I can get it In the UK as some sites do exist that are genuine suppliers on the QT .

So my question is does anybody on the site have experience of Kratom - good or bad ?  

Stay well guys its a long fight and the ripples in the Pond do subside over time, Unless you wake the Tiger up.

Best Wishes Robbie 

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