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Personal Poetry

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So I have had an interest in writing things, though they often become short because I have ADD, so instead of writing a novel, I wrote a couple of poems. I hope you enjoy.

Constructive criticism is also welcome.

The Madman

There is this man, living in my lair

Yes I see him there, everyday, almost at my care

Sometimes, I look at him, here, from my place

Every time, he is staring, right back at my face

On the other side, through the opening of the door

Always watching, I wonder, as I shift my look down to the floor

Always, when I see him, in the periphery of my eye

He follows me, as fast as he was I

How does he know, I am growing mad

My every move he mimics, as if my mind he had

But this, only when I see him with my eyes, he does

My loathe for him affects my very sanity, what a fuss

Today I say, this is enough,

I never laugh because he is mad, and this is deeply sad

I threaten him, with a body gesture, at last

He threatens me back, amazingly, as fast

Insane I ran, to the kitchen, grabbing me my knife

With this I thought, I will end his very life

Stabbing him, hoping to slice his main artery vein

But this is dim, I don't hear his verbal agony pain

Instead, what reaches my very ear, fulfills my every fear

Oh how I see, that the man who lost his sanity, was really me

I gaze upon one broken bit, of my dear mirror, which I had clearly hit

The alcoholic

A face without mind, a sufferer behind

Deep mental urge, for the only purge

Thrall of a bottle, an endless battle

Floating through the street, as carried by my feet

Void of terror, introspecting my error

Confabulate, extemporize

Anything to realize

As though sirens lure, I can't find my cure

This aching pain, destroying my brain

Memories mirrored past, they are lost at last

A bizarre test, an unmanagable quest

Delirium manifest, greeted by my final rest

Thank you for reading.

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  • 1 month later...

As the bully smirks his battle ready inclination, my shattered self control displays vindication, I will break his mental foundation.

- When the air rumbles through the echoing footprints on your flesh torn bones, when you have become the very maggot swarming dirt you stand upon, shall you fall.

- And when the smothered essence of your humanity screams in the dark, I shall shackle your last instinct as your drowning body sinks into the twitching panic of realization.

- As the shadow of your former self stares into the abyss of death, only the pale resentment of your corpse will gaze back.

- In the halls of oblivion, the wheezing remnants of flesh will crawl again to claim the thrall that you have become.

I choose though not to fight, as I am blinded by my self loving vanity, my mind demands pure clarity.

Never will he comprehend the corrosive judgement that was going to be placed upon his smiling hollow soul of shallow insignificance.

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I am the arithmetic arbiter of parametric eternity, the sole substantive unexpurgated presence of symmetrical destiny. Conjugator of both beginning and the end, a floating symbol of the linear time coefficient. I am the subjective variable of defined presence in space and duration, a super organism composed by the collective of history, culture, knowledge, diversity and society.

I am us. We are one.

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Behind you is a presence, semi-existent as defined by its essence

This faceless mask of terror, smashing through your ego mirror

Soon to put a hand on your shoulder, your heart will turn to boulder

Palpitations will greet you at last, for your mind has deemed the threat as vast

Creation of a stray thought, the antagonist of your very will is locked

A freezing moment of despair, this feeling of an unknown glare

But do not look back, for your mind may conjure another trap

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  • 7 months later...

Societal fanatics confined by norms, I for one reject this combined force.

Though occurred to me that unbound by these to be,

is being weird for the sake of being weird. So alas I am bound again,

though higher perception I have found, this perspective of humankind.

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