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nervous - need answers from experienced people

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ill keep a long story short: smoked weed -> got bad anxiety from a horrible trip got dpdr symptoms etc

sensitivity to light (but heard that's bc of my flight or fight being turned on 247 so pupils are dilated) 

anyways last time I smoked weed was august, ill never smoke again or do drugs again in my life. dont miss it dont care. Now, i see this HPPD and scared ill develop it since people are saying they got it much later like a couple weeks after drugs. im so scared. will i develop this.

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So just to be clear, you still have these symptoms now right? The fight or flight explanation doesn't really make sense to me. In my experience, greater sensitivity to light and deeper perception of colors is associated with my afterimages, and that's what it sounds like it is with you also. If you have no other visual issues, this might be the very first, most mild symptom of a visual condition.

You and I are lucky in that we seem to have milder HPPD. You might go through some weeks of depression but most likely you'll eventually get used to it even if it lasts forever and you'll forget about it. However, do be hopeful that it will go away. For most people it seems like if they milder HPPD it does go away, but remember how you feel about drugs now, and note how sensitive you are to them to as to avoid worsening it in the future.

Sorry but that's really all I can say.

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I think it is very, very unlikely you will develop hppd at a later date after smoking weed, but taking steps to stay sober (inc. alcohol), minimise stress, ignoring symptons, getting good sleep, eating healthy foods and exercising will make sure the chance stays very low. 

Good luck, Jay

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