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Stay safe everyone


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Strange times upon us. I think we will likely all be forced into some kind of quarantine sooner or later, so just make sure you guys stay positive, stay as active as possible and order any meds required. 

For those of you who are now working from home, it might even be a good experience for a while!

Stay safe, Jay

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14 hours ago, Kalo said:

Most annoying thing about this pandemic for me is how my grocery stores are limiting fresh meats to two items per person, makes it a lot harder to stay on keto 🙄

As a vegan... Good!

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Try to stay positive.  If you can, get out for a walk.  Brightens my mood.

People around me are hording.  It's nearly impossible to find basics like toilet paper.

I learned how to cook dried beans because they're a great source of protein for us vegans.  One thing you can find in abundance is dried beans!  Good eats!

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