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HPPD coming back years later

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So I feel like this is something no one has ever experienced. I can’t explain this and idk wtf is going on but anyway let me get to the story. I took acid 3 years ago twice. Never have I ever had hppd. A few weeks after Id still have some visuals but from what I here that is normal after a trip cause it takes a week or two for the brain to go back to normal. My life was completely normal and I never had any visual symptoms after that. I smoked weed and drank ever since then and only weed would give me slight visuals sometimes. So lately i’ve been sober off everything for about 2 months. About 3 days ago I dried drinking for the first time in months. The next morning I woke up and bam hppd symptoms just from a couple drinks like tf. It hasn’t gone away i’m still seeing visual snow and now i’m even seeing bright little dots and patterns when I close my eyes. I’m just hoping this is temporary and maybe the alcohol just aggravated it. Plan on staying sober off everything and rlly hoping this goes away 

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This is actually really interesting and thanks for posting and sharing the story and information. There is another member who didn’t get HPPD for a month or so after doing hallucinogens, and I believe he drank and that triggered it. If I remember correctly as well  his trip was a bad trip, but no HPPD immediately followed. Its very interesting the involvement of alcohol and HPPD. There clearly has to be a link. 

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I drank for a while after I quit dosing.  I found that my hppd symptoms were much worse with a hangover, especially the anxiety.    

It sounds like you were getting mild visuals when you consumed weed.  Perhaps the symptoms were "just under the surface" and consuming alcohol tipped the balance.  It's so hard to say.

That being said,  that's really rough!  To not dose for years only to have symptoms show up. 

Hang in there, and take care of yourself. 

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