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Psychological treatment and my improvement

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Hey guys i was posting on this forum several weeks ago going crazy with anxiety fear and going on all kinds of meds. Basically i was stressed out and it was preventing my recovery. I now firmly believe HPPD=PTSD. You know people in high stress situations their brain burns an image of what they have seen in their neurons and it keeps repeating the anxiety and sometimes visually in their wakeful life or preventing them from sleeping. After the trip that gave me my condition i was going crazy with anxiety and the more anxiety the worse visuals i got. My dreams were vivid taking me out of body and having high pitched sounds and other things.. 

Meds didn't help so what did? Perspective.Today everything changed for me. Trip was telling me you are all alone god etc and it drove me mad. I couldnt process what i had seen and didn't know how to handle it.This video changed everything for me:


I connected the dots from my experience and accepted this as the truth for me(ofc none of this stuff can be proven) Anyway now i only have visual snow and no fear and feel alive.Im also quitting meds i can live like this for the rest of my life if i have to.I always have some visual snow.Acceptance of what is seen and integration will help healing i think.Otherwise the anxiety persists and you don't get better.Whatever you saw was a part of your mind universal or hallucination im not here to argue but accept it and realize everything will be fine.Good luck :)

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