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Xanax Xr

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So I don’t know how new this med is but I’ve never heard of it but my doc told me it’s basically Xanax that has the same onset of action after dosing as the instant release but lasts much longer just about as long a Klonopin or even longer. It’s taken just once daily as well. For me personally, I think Xanax gets rid of visuals better than klonopin but the fact it lasted 3-4 hours which means more dosing throughout the day didn’t appeal to me but this XR version seems interesting. Has anyone tried it? Also he said Xanax was better for depression as opposed to Klonopin and the XR version was safer if taken correctly obviously...like not chewing or splitting it in half etc. It comes in .5’s-3mg pills and usual dose is 3-6 mg per day taken once daily. Seems like this could be another good option when it comes to benzo’s.

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