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Interviewing Dr. Henry Abraham


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6 hours ago, mth97 said:

Meeting with Dr. Henry Abraham on Saturday! Anyone have any questions that you would like me to ask him for the documentary? Hope everyone is doing well ❤️

Hi! I am curious his opinion about whether and how much the mix of alcohol and mdma increases the neurotoxicity of mdma.

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I'd like to know if he could do a rough estimation of how many of his patients

(1) clinically had a full remission (which means they do not suffer under the disease anymore, but may still expierience altered perception or altered consciousness)

(2) reported that they completely got back into their old state of mind (which means they do not notice any perceptual or emotional difference in daily life compared to the time before they got HPPD)


Also, I'd like to know

(3) whether he sees any connection between HPPD and pre-existing mental illnesses

(4) which medications he tried for HPPD treatment (not only the ones that he usually used, but any medications he tried on more than one patient)

(5) whether some of his patients tried hallucinogens again a longer time after their primary intoxication and if yes, which impact it had on their symptoms. Was there any case of cure by an additional hallucinogen exposure or any other "strange" cure stories?

(6) What was the worst case of HPPD he ever treated (except people with pre-existing mental illness) and how was the course?

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